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You've played an incredible role on my musical journey and each one of you have imprinted on my heart and soul. It is a privilege to know everyone of you and to be able to share my music with you. Without your unconditional love, support, faith, and encouragement, I would not be where I am today.  This page is to express my deep appreciation, recognition, respect and gratitude to all of you.  -Stevielyn

James Hunley and Shirley Hunley

Brian Payne 

Eva and Marc Stern 

Deborah and Marty Goodman 

Richard and Ann McKusick

Roberto Aleman 

Jerry and Leana Johnson 

Sami, May, Thomas, and Joe Shabshab 

Shirley Lussier and Michelle Davies

Bel and Michelle March

Guy, Michael, and Jeanie Gullo

Christopher Reyes

Will Chavez

Roy Ding

Raul Granado

Jeff Klayman 

Brian Silverman

Norm and Nancy Cowell 

***This page is currently in progress, there are so many more individuals to add and will all be recognized!

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