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 Stevielyn Raine Munoz is a classical guitarist from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. She began taking lessons with classical guitarist James Hunley in 2007, and through his support and guidance she has discovered her passion for playing the guitar. Through her studies with James, she has also studied with both Pepe Romero and Celin Romero. 


Stevielyn was a winner of the Randy Rhodes Scholarship, has performed masterclasses for Pepe Romero, Celin Romero,  Celino Romero, Xuefei Yang and Ana Vidovic. She was one of three opening performers for Ana Vidovic in 2017, along with Pepe and Celino Romero in 2018. In 2019, she also opened for "Virtuosas of the Guitar," a dual concert with Ana Vidovic and Xuefei Yang. All of these benefit concerts were sponsored and supported by EDM Services, Brian Payne, James Hunley, and all of the members of the James Hunley Guitar Studio, which raised over $65,000 in scholarships for guitar students!

She loves performing and has committed herself to becoming a professional classical guitarist with the continued mentoring of James Hunley. She graduated from California State University Los Angeles in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, and plans to pursue her graduate degree in Music.

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